Friday Frog Day

Okay, I gots a question for you. Do you like tee vee? Not me! I just don’t understand what humans find so super duper fascinating abouts that little rectangle box. Usually, this is what I look like when the tee vee is on…

mayzie asleep

WELL, that all changed a coupla nights ago when mom and dad decided to watch THIS:

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

As soon as Cane Toads: The Conquest started and those little froggie-toads starting hopping around, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. From what I could tell, it’s about these hoppers called Cane Toads who got brought against their will to work on sugar cane farms in Australia. But the toads were all, “NO! We won’t work on your stoopid farms, puny humans! We’d rather take over your country!!” And so they started making gobs of little baby soldier toads and now they pretty much own a humongous part of the whole continent!

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Now, they might look all cute and cuddly but they’re NOT. Seems that if you’re a doggie and you put the bitey on ’em, they will KILL YOU like some crazy amphibious ninja! But on the other paw, if you’re nice to them and just lick ’em sweetly, they make you feel all kinds of good. Kinda like a kitty on catnip.

This movie is about 87 minutes long but I watched the WHOLE thing and then when it was over, I kept asking mom to please play it again. But she said that it was bedtime and maybe this weekend. I sure hope so cuz there’s never been a better movie EVER and I believe that it’ll probably win a Pawcademy Award!

Anyway, here’s my movie review. As you can see, I was ribbeted! (Get it? Ribbeted? Haha!)

If you can’t see the review, click here.

And PeeS. Sorry that the lighting’s not very good in my review. My mom will NOT win any Pawcademy Awards for Cinnamon Togs Gruffy, that’s for sure!


  1. Hmmmm….looks interesting. I am sure Teka would also be ribbetted. When we lived in Mayemphis, there were many toads in our pond, and Teka just loved to watch them! She also ate one that made her very VERY sick.

    She recovered.

    We will watch for that on a TV near us.

    Thank you for the ribbetting review.

  2. Gail Pelican says:

    Ribbeted! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  3. I like TV mostly because it gives me a nice chance to snuggle up to my momma! But it really confuses me when they have barking doggies or doorbells ringing on the TV. I think they’re at MY house!

  4. Harlow loves TV – I’m going to have to put it on and see if she will watch it.


    Monty and Harlow

  5. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh man! That looks like a pretty cool show. Did you know we are called frog dogs? Yep, all Frenchies
    Lily & Edward

  6. I will watch this road-movie, naaah wait it’s a TOAD-movie hehehe, sounds interesting, thanks for a super funny review

  7. This is too good! Completely and utterly enthralled. With reviews like that how could we not check it out?

  8. Grayshus, Miss Mayzie, what strange critters those todes are! It looks like a lot of fun to watch them hop, I can see why you were ribbeted to the show!



  9. You surely are ribbeted, Mayzie! We would love to watch this movie to see if it has the same effect on us!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. susieandsidebite says:

    Well them guys sure got your attention, Me I watch action movies, now Bites he sets with Dad and watches racing.


  11. hello mayzie its dennis the vizsla dog hay ha ha that is how my mama luks wen dada watches his mooveez abowt eksploding jiant robots or wotever!!! those cane toads sownd pritty bad tho maybe eeven wurse then ninja hedjhogs i always thawt that michigan j frog dancing arownd with a cane wuz kyoot but now i no better!!! ok bye

  12. I only watch TV if there is something really good on, like puppies:-)



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    Friday Frog Day | Mayzie's Dog Blog

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