About Me

IMG_5562Hi! I’m Mayzie and I’m a D-O-G! I came to live with my mom and dad in March 2009. It was second best day of my life, I can tell you that. The first best day was when my Angel Donna Fostermommy came to rescue me from the place I was living before (which wasn’t so nice at all). If you want, you can read more about how I was rescued here and how I came to be adopted here.

Oh, and you might want to know what kind of doggie I am. My mom always tells peoples that I’m “one of a kind.” But since that doesn’t seem to satisfy everybuddy, we had a dee-en-ay test done to finds out about my family tree. So if you REALLY want to know what makes up a Mayzie, click here.

Let’s see. What else? I have a Brudder Ranger, who’s a rat terrier-ist (that’s what mom says). He’s my Most Favoritest Dog that I ever met. I luv him soooo much. And I used to have a Kitteh-Brudder, Cap’n Ripley. He was orangey and a pirate and he talked a LOT and was always threatening to make us walk the plank. But he had to go to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him oodles. Oh! And I have a Kitteh-Sisfur Abby and a Kitteh-Brudder Smudge. We gets along great but neither of them will play with me no matter how many times I bops them with my nosie.

I think my life now is the Best Life That Ever Was. I still get scared sometimes of the big, wide world but most of the time I am so happy about everything and everybody. It’s not everdoggie that gets a second chance but I did and I think I’m one lucky brindle dog!

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