12 Days of Christmas Giveaway from Delca

Disclaimer: We were provided product from Delca free of charge for this review/giveaway. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! Hold onto your elves cuz we’ve got something HUMONGOUS for you today!

When our furends at Delca asked if we’d help them with their 12 Days of Delca Christmas giveaway, we said, “You bet!”

You see, we’ve had some of their treats before and we already knew that were super, duper DEE-LISH! Plus, mom’s all, “YAY! They’re made in the USA!” So we couldn’t wait to see what other kind of magical things they were going to let us try out.

THEN, one day we heard jingling out on the porch and what kinda sounded like the prancing and pawing of reindeer hooves.

So away to the window we flew like a flash, barked at the door and chased off the cat!

Then mom yelled at us to be quiet, which is crazy because it seems like a reindeer on your porch is a good reason to bark.

Anyway, she FINALLY opened the door and what to our wondering eyes did appear but a HUMONGOUS box.

“Hurry! Open it, mom!,” we cried! And what was inside was, well, see for yourself:

delca prize

Oh! It was marvelous! Most Marvelous!

mayzie delca prize

I couldn’t wait to dig in and was just getting ready to chomp down on some treats when…

“WAAAAAAAAIT!” Mom screeched said sweetly. “Mayzie,” she said, “You know Santa Paws is watching and so it’s important to show him what a good girl you are.” And then…then…

THIS happened…

mayzie treats on paws

I had no idea that Santa Paws endorsed brindle torture.

But I was a good girl and waited nicely for like 87 hours with those nommalicious treats on my paws before mom said I could FINALLY eat them.

After that, though, we got to munch on a bunch of the treats and we loved every single one. And then we played with the toys and I may or may not have used the stuffing to add a festive touch of “snow” to the living room.

But you know what the very BEST part is? The nice Delca people have said we can give away one of these Most Magical boxes to one of our readers! Can you believe it? If you win, you’ll get a prize pressie — worth 175 green papers — with 12 AMAZING goodies in it:

  1. Tennis Stick with Rope
  2. Holiday Waste Bags
  3. Alligator Biscuits
  4. Sweet Potato Soft Chews
  5. Peanut Butter Soft Chews
  6. Alligator Jerky
  7. Crawfish Biscuits
  8. Shrimp Jerky
  9. Floor Protection Pads
  10. Delca Toy
  11. Another Delca Toy
  12. Secret Santa Toy

mayzie ranger delca prize

Okay, now that you’re super excited…you ready to try to win? Just use that Rafflecopter thingie below to enter. We’ll keep it open through Christmas Eve and then contact the winner after Christmas is over. (Open to US residents only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now I’ll exclaim
As into my bed I do tuck
Merry Christmas to all
And to all lotsa luck!

Meowbox: Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: We were provided a meowbox free of charge for review. However, all opinions and anecdotes are our own.

Greetings. Tis I. Abby, Queen of All She Surveys.


As you may know, I rarely deign to appear on the Brindle One’s web log. Royalty must keep up appearances, you know.

However, I have nobly decided to make an exception to expound upon a most compelling gift that was recently bestowed upon us.

The gift was proffered by a delightful lass named Olivia who works for a lovely company called meowbox.


As I understand it, it is similar to the Barkbox that the Canine Contingent of our Queendom has spoken of in the past. Like the Barkbox, one subscribes to receive a box in the mail each month. Unlike it, the meowbox is for felines only.

Upon its arrival, I was immediately taken with the perfection of the box and with haste rubbed my royal cheek upon it to make it mine lest The Minion known as Smudge try to claim it.

Abby box love

I was thrilled and delighted and anxious to begin dictating my glowing review. However, to my surprise, the Female Servant informed me that there was more. MORE? I was agog!

As you can see, she was correct. (My only quibble thus far being that the box was also addressed, obviously mistakenly, to The Minion.)


Upon directing the Female Servant to unwrap the delightful tissue paper, I was dazzled by what lay inside:

abby box open

This item they call the EmPURRium Catnip Kicker (in the picture above, it is the blue and turquoise chevron piece) was particularly engaging, although it took me a moment to understand the point.

This looks mildly interesting.

This looks mildly interesting.

Does one nibble on it or...?

Does one nibble on it or…?



Well, after such breathless excitement, I needed a moment to calm myself and the Eco Pup (horrid name) Wool Felt Catnip Toy did the trick. Ahhhhhh….

abby catnip

Because I am a benevolent ruler, I did eventually allow The Minion a turn at the box.

smudge pose

Quite the glutton, he of course chose for himself the Snack 21 Salmon Snacks for Cats and proclaimed them…what was the word?… “delish-o-rama.” (I do apologize for the vulgarity. Minions, you know.)

smudge box

smudge treats 2



I asked dear Miss Olivia to tell me more about meowbox and she responded thus:

“The monthly subscription box, filled with unique toys and healthy goodies, is delivered to your doorstep.  Our goal is to introduce you to new, interesting, fun cat stuff that’s high quality and good for your cat.  We do all the digging and research to find the best products for your kitty.  

In addition, meowbox is financially and physically involved with animal rescue.  We have worked closely with organizations such as VOKRA – Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association and Air Angels – Animal Rescue Transfer Society.”

Huzzah and bravo, meowbox! The Queen heartily approves!

And now, dear friends, I, along with meowbox, are offering you the opportunity to win one of your very own. I beseech you to enter via that little box below. If you do not have felines residing at your own estate (shame on you), you may still enter for a friend or family member who does. In addition, this giveaway is open to everyone since meowbox delivers internationally!

The giveaway lasts a week and we shall announce the winner on this web log soon after.

Bon chance mes amis!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review and Giveaway: Jump Your Bones Treats

Note: I was given free samples for review. However, all opinions and anecdotes are mine.

Hiya everybuddy! Wow, today I have something super duper NOMMALICIOUS to tell you about!

They’re called “Jump Your Bones” treats (for doggies AND kittehs) and they are NOMMALICIOUS! (Um, did I say that already?)


The nice Jump Your Bones peoples sent us a whole heap of different treats to try.

The treats are made in a faraway place called Australia so they have some kerazy flavors. Let’s see, what all did we get? We got the Sharoo (shark/kangaroo), Shark Bites, Loin of Albacore Tuna, Lamb Puffs, Shiver (shark/beef/lamb liver), Kangaroo Dice, Kangaroo Jerky, and Green Lipped Mussels. (Who knew mussels have green lips? I sure didn’t!)


Here’s what mom likes about ’em:

  • 100% all natural
  • Grain-free
  • Salt and sugar-free
  • They use a process called “cool dehydration” (as opposed to freeze drying) which keeps all the nutrients in the treats
  • They also have really strict guidelines they follow (called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to make sure that the treats are safe to eat.

Here’s what me and Brudder Ranger like about ’em:


Most seriously, these might be our very favoritest treats we’ve ever reviewed here on the bloggie. Like, we both kinda lose our brains over them. I, in pawticular, can be kinda picky abouts my treats but I gobble these up and then beg mom for more! The only one I didn’t care for too much was the Green Lipped Mussels but Brudder Ranger flipped for those, too.

On a scale of one to four paws, I give these a TEN! Yep, that’s how much we loved ’em.

We can has?

We can has?

Okay, now the exciting part. YOU get a chance to win your very own Jump Your Bones treats! If you’re the lucky one, you’ll get a variety of samples PLUS two full bags…worth 50 green papers!

To enter, just use the RaffleCopter thingie below. The giveaway will be open until Thursday, August 7th. (And sorry, my international furends, it’s just open to four-leggers in the You Ess.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Review and Giveaway: The Total Pet Spa

I was given this product free-of-charge for review. However, all opinions and anecdotes are mine.

Happy Monday, everybuddy! It’s me! Mayzie!

So today I wanna talk to you about…okay, don’t be skeered…BATHS!

Now pawsonally, I HATE baths. Prolly cuz it’s a well-known FACT that brindle furs melt when they get wet.

Help! I'm being drowned!

Help! I’m being drowned!

So when we heard about this pawduct called The Total Pet Spa Bath-Less Cleaning, I knew we had to try it out.


Now, the reason I was so excited is cuz I thought this meant I would never, ever, ever have to take a bath ever again. Turns out, it’s just to keep you fresh between baths and then maybe you’ll be able to take LESS baths. But that’s okay because if I can take LESS baths, I’m all for it!

As you can see from that picture above, you get several things in the package. The handle attaches to both the brush part and the cleaning part and mom said it was real comfy to hold and that the brush and handle were a cinch to put together.


Mom tried out the brush on Brudder Ranger since he has a lot more furs than me and sheds WAY more than I do. Brudder Ranger thought the brushing was like getting a massage and he found it Most Relaxing.


After a few swipes, Mom had captured quite a bit of Brudder Ranger’s stray furs.


THEN she got ready to try the cleaning part out on us. To do this, you take off the brush part and then snap on the cleaning tool. The flat part on the cleaning tool swivels and pivots so it kinda runs along all your nooks and crannies easier. You put the cleaning pad on the flat part and then latch it into place. Mom thought the latch part was a little hard to do. She finally figured out if you put your finger under the flat part and hold it still rather than letting it roll around, it’s easier.


She tried it out on both of us and as you can see from the picture below, it did get some dirt and stuff off of us. Plus, mom says that our coats are softer and we smell better and more fresh, too (which, pawsonally, I find a little offensive…I thought we smelled just fine before).

My dirt on the left and Brudder Ranger's on the right. Who do you think was dirtier?

My dirt on the left and Brudder Ranger’s on the right. Who do you think was dirtier?

All in all, we think this is a pretty good pawduct to keep you nice and fresh and brushed between baths. AND it might even help you take LESS baths. (YAY!) Now, we gotta say that we don’t have even the slightest clue how it would do on long-furred dogs or dogs with curly coats. But if you got short furs like me and Brudder Ranger, we think The Total Pet Spa works nicely.

P.S. We just learned you can use it on kittehs, too! From their site: “Yes, you may use it on cats, in fact it is designed equally for dogs and cats and other pets with similar coats. The special formula is from all naturally derived plant ingredients and works well on a pets’ coat as well as down to their skin. I agree, Bath-Less cleaning is the way to go for cats! Cat Lovers will LOVE The Total Pet Spa®”

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn to try to win one of these for yourself! Just follow the instructions on the widget thingie below to enter. It runs through Sunday, May 25th and we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, May 27th. Sorry, U.S. residents only. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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