Review/Giveaway: Collars Unleashed

Oh, hey there! Do you see anything new and, um, sparkly about me?

mayzie collar chair 1

Okay, look closer.

mayzie collar 1


mayzie collar closeup

Yep, that’s right. I have a GAWJUSS new hand-made collar! But don’t be TOO jelly cuz you can enter to win a collar of your very own, too! You just gotta keep reading to the bottom for how.

Now, I’m always excited when we get to write any review but I’m doubly, triply, FOUR TIMES as excited to write this review. Because this might be one of our most favoritest things we’ve ever talked about.

A couple of weeks ago, we got an email from a nice lady named Tina Wang. Miss Tina had read one of mom’s Dogster articles about me and wanted to say hi cuz SHE has a fearful doggie, too, named Riley. Here’s a picture of Miss Tina and Riley. Isn’t it all sorts of happy-making?

Tina and Riley

Mom and Miss Tina got to emailing back and forth and Miss Tina told mom that Riley had changed her whole entire life. She hadn’t ever had a dog before she got Riley, and she adopted him from a shelter because she thought he was cute (which he is). But THEN she found out he had all these issues because he was super afraid of the world. So Miss Tina and Riley have worked real hard over the past few years to help Riley feel better about things. She even began writing a blog called The Life of Riley. Well, one day she realized she loved training Riley so much that she wanted to help other dogs and humans by becoming a professional dog trainer!

So in the middle of all this, she started making cute collars for Riley. And then she decided to open an Etsy shop and sell them to help raise green papers for rescues. In fact, she donates 100% of her profits to rescue. Just how PAWSOME is THAT???

So of course when she asked us if we’d do a review, we were over the moon. We went directly over to her shop and had the hardest time deciding.

All of them are hand-made, so not only can you pick the design, you can also choose the color of the collar (dark brown, brown or black), the type of gemstone, and nickel or brass hardware.

We picked the 3/4″ Pyramid design in brown with purple gemstones and nickel hardware.

We knew it was gonna be pretty but when it showed up, it was even more beautiful than we imagined it would be.


The leather is SUPER soft, not stiff and scratchy, and the stones are very sparkly.

collar closeup

The stones and the studs are fastened securely to the collar, and the buckle is real nice and solid so it shouldn’t break easily.


If you’ve seen our other reviews, you know we hardly ever give a full four paws up. But we are Most Impressed with this collar and give it four HUGE paws up (and mom is throwing in two thumbs up as well).

Okay, now it’s your chance to win one of these GAWJUSS collars for yourself! Just use that Rafflecopter thingie below to enter. The giveaway will run through this Friday, February 14th and we’ll announce the winner on my bloggie on Monday. (Sorry furends in the rest of the world. This is open to U.S. residents only.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received this collar free of charge for review. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own.

BarkBox: November Review and Giveaway

Hi everybuddy! Happy one-week-til-Turkey-Day!

I’m so super duper excited about what I get to talk to you about today.

About a year ago, Mom heard about this company called BarkBox and she thought it sounded pretty neat. See, once you sign up, they send you a surprise box FULL of DEE-lish and fun goodies every single month! AND they donate 10% to rescue groups! So it’s a win-win for everybuddy.


So when we got an email from the BarkBox peoples asking if we would review them, we said, “YOU BET!” Cuz, well, we already luved ’em so much and all. And THEN we luved ’em even more when they said they would give a whole THREE-MONTH subscription to one lucky winner from our bloggie! How cool is THAT? Oh, AND they’re giving all our readers $5 off any new subscription by clicking on this linkie. So if you  wanna grab your pawrent’s plastic card and sign yourself up right away, I won’t tell on you, promise.

Okay, so, we get to tell you all about this month’s BarkBox. Here it is. TAH DAH!

dogs barkbox

Now, as you can see, this month it came with…uh…uh…

dogs cat barkbox1

Hey, Smudge, this is a review of BARK Box, not MeowBox (which I don’t even think exists but maybe it should now that I think about it).

dogs cat barkbox

Anyways, as you can see, this month’s box was filled with some super stupendous goodies.


We got the PetSafe Slap Happy Squeaky Toy, the Vanilla Mint Twistix Chews, Yumzies Duck and Sweet Potato Jerky and…dunh, dunh, dunh!…Bocce’s Bakery Truffle Mac and CHEESE Biscuits!

Okay, first the Yumzies Jerky and the Bocce’s Biscuits. Brudder Ranger and I LURVED both of these! The jerky was DEE-vine and it’s cool cuz it can be broken down into smaller chunks to make it last longer. And the biscuits…well, I think I told you before how I don’t really care for dry biscuits. So sure enough, the first piece mom gave me, I spit out. But then I realized…these taste like CHEESE! Once I tasted that cheese, I was like, “More, more, more!”

Here’s a picture mom took while we waited for the treats. These are our “we luvs those treats” faces.

dogs interested in treats

And here’s me telling mom that I’ll wave, sit, shake…whatever she wants if she’ll just give me a few more.

mayzie shake

Now on to the Twistix Chews. They smell REALLY good. Mom liked that they’re wheat-free and we really liked that they taste good. But as with most dental chews, you’ll prolly only want to try them if you’re a chewer, not a gulper.

ranger twistix

Finally, the really FUN one: the Slap Happy Squeaky Toy! One thing mom likes is that it doesn’t have a bunch of stuffing in it for me to scatter hither and yon (whatever that means). One thing I liked about it is that  it’s got all kinds of arms so it’s easy to play tug with!

mayzie tug 1

mayzie tug 2

So we give this pawticular BarkBox Four Paws Up! We really enjoyed every single thing in it.

NOW…it’s YOUR turn to try to win a 3-month subscription of your very own. Just use the RaffleCopter thingie below to enter. (Sorry, U.S. residents only.) It’ll run through Wednesday, November 27th. We’ll announce the winner on our bloggie on Friday, the 29th. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and remember, if you wanna order a BarkBox for yourself right away, you can click here and automatically get $5 off a new subscription!

mayzie barkbox


Disclaimer: We were given a free BarkBox for review. However, all opinions, anecdotes and brilliant ideas are all mine!

Minties: Review and Giveaway for Your Fave Rescue

Hi there! Mayzie the Brindle BumBULL Bee here!

mayzie bee minties

So awhile back, the nice peoples from VetIQ asked us to review a couple of their products: Minties Dental Treats and Minties Fresh Chews. And they said that in addition to sending US something, they would even do a super cool giveaway where the winner gets to send some Minties to their favoritest rescue or shelter! (See below for details.)

Now, I was excited about that but I was still kinda concerned about sayin’ yes because, well, I’m a Greenies girl. I mean, I love, love, LOVE Greenies. I even do what I call my Greenies Dance whenever it’s Greenie time. That’s how much I luvs them. But I thought, “Well, what the heck. It can’t hurt to give ’em a try.” So I said okay and before you knew it, these treasures had arrived at my house:

minties group

We got a pack of the large Dental Treats (for dogs 40+ pounds), a pack of the medium Dental Treats (for dogs 20-39 pounds), a couple of bags of the Chews and a few individually wrapped Dental Treats. Mom immediately liked that they’re all made right here in the good ol’ USA! But that all by itself wasn’t enough to convince me.

So let’s talk abouts these Dental Treats first. As you can see, they look like little bones…

Medium on top and large on bottom. Duh!

Medium on top and large on bottom. Duh!

But what I wanted to know is how they tasted. I really didn’t think I would like them as much as I like Greenies but…I DID! I thought they were DEE-lish. And so did Brudder Ranger, as you can see from this movie (sorry it’s kinda dark…it was early in the morning).

Now, you’ll prolly notice that Brudder Ranger is a Most Thorough chewer and so am I. I think maybe treats like this (and like Greenies) aren’t really good for dogs that just kinda GULP their foodables cuz then you just end up with big ol’ chunks in your belleh and it doesn’t do your teethies much good. But for us dogs who like to chew, chew, chew, they’re great, great, great!

Okay, on to the Minties Fresh Chews.

minties fresh size

When Mom first opened the bag, she thought, “Ohhhhh…they’re not gonna like these at ALL.” Cuz they smell like…well…mint! Kinda like human spearmint gum smells. She really thought for sure that we were gonna turn our noses up and walk away. But, nope, we did not. In fact, we were like, “NOM! NOM! NOM!” You can see how much I like these from this Most Exciting Action Shot.

mayzie minties

The Minties people say that these will make your breath smell better. The thing is our breath doesn’t really smell all that bad to begin with. Mom thinks maybe Brudder Ranger’s smells a little better now but she can’t really be sure. So we can’t tell you to buy them based on the smell test. But based on the Yummy Test, we give them our highest rating of FOUR PAWS UP!

mayzie word yum

Okay, I posed…can I eat ’em now?

mayzie looking at minties


VetIQ, the makers of Minties, is going to send four bags (one each of tiny, small, medium and large sizes) of Minties Dental Chews to one lucky winner’s favoritest rescue or shelter (located in the U.S. only, please)! Use the little dealie below to enter. The giveaway will be open until this Saturday at midnight and we’ll announce the winner on Monday. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I was given free bags of Minties Dental Treats and Minties Fresh Chews to review. However, all thoughts, opinions and anecdotes are mine.

Review and Giveaway: Good Karma Dog Company

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Were we ever super duper over-the-moon excited when we got an email from a nice lady at the Good Karma Dog Company wanting to know if we’d like to review some of their products.

good karma

If you haven’t heard of them, Good Karma Dog Company is a place where you can shop online for lots of different treats and toys that are all-natural, organic and eco-furendly. Now, all that stuff is especially Most Impawtant to my mom, but you know what the very, very BEST part about Good Karma Dog Company is? THEY GIVE BACK!

Yep…they have a program they call “Pound for a Pound.” For every pound of treats their customers buy, Good Karma Dog Company donates a pound of treats to a deserving doggie charity! So when you’re crunching down on your nommalicious treats, somewhere another not-as-fortunate doggie is crunching down on some, too. How PAWSOME is THAT?

They sent us three Most Exciting things to review. And not only that, we get to give away the same prize package (worth over $35!) to one of YOU! Cool, huh? Read to the bottom for your chance to win PLUS get a Most Fabulous coupon!

Good Karma Package

The Honest Kitchen
Duck & Cherry Recipe Dog Treats
One pound box

Now, I have to admit something. I usually prefer chewy treats. I think dry cookies are kinda…HO-HUM. In fact, usually when Mom tries to give me one, I take it from her to be pawlite but then I just spit it right back out. But not these! I think these are DEE-lish and gobble ’em right down! And mom likes that she has heard of every single ingredient that they’re made out of: barley flour, duck, molasses, filtered water, eggs, organic virgin coconut oil, cherries and aged parmesan cheese. Yummy!

Bionic Bone, Medium
4.8″ long, for dogs 15-35 pounds

bionic boneNo, it’s not something that you use to rebuild Steve Austin. (Mom says that peoples of a certain age will get that. Okay, whatever.) It’s a bone made outta super tough stuff that even doggies like me — who are World Record Champion De-Stuffers — would have a hard time tearing apart. But it’s soft enough that it still gives you that good chewing sensation. Oh! And it has a hole that you can get your mom or dad to stuff with peanut butter or yogurt or other treats to make it EXTRA interesting. We wish the hole was a bit bigger so it could hold more stuff…and it’s a little hard to get your tongue all the way down in there to get it all (although I bet we’ll get better at it the more we do it). But it’s okay if you can’t get everything out cuz it can just be popped right in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Barkworthies Junior Bully Sticks

ranger bully stickThe ones we received were six inches long and pretty skinny. They’re all natural, and the cattle they come from are free range and grass fed. Mom thought these would be good to keep Brudder Ranger occupied cuz he’s been incarcerated on crate rest since his old battle injury flared up. Well, he LOVED it and devoured it in like two minutes flat (mom timed him). Mom gave him another one and he did the same thing! Now, we’re used to bully sticks that last a pretty long time. So mom looked at the label and saw that it’s made outta beef bladder. Maybe that’s not as tough as…well, you know…what bully sticks are normally made out of. But if you’re an itsy bitsy dog who isn’t a powerful chewer, OR if you’re a bigger dog who just wants a super tasty treat and you don’t care about it lasting more than two Rat Terrier minutes, this would be a good choice.


Okay, now it’s YOUR turn to win this whole entire package for yourself! Just go through the little dealie below for lots of chances to win. You have until midnight on Friday, September 13, 2013 to enter. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, the 16th. Open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


One last thing: We all know how much humans like saving those green papers. So if you get them to order you some tasty treats any time in the month of September, they can use this code — mayziesblog20% — to save 20% on their ENTIRE ORDER! Which means they can order you even MORE treats than they normally would! You’re welcome.


mayzie keyboardDisclaimer: We received these products free of charge from Good Karma Dog Company for review. However, the opinions and anecdotes expressed here are entirely our own.

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