Shall-Ay Adventure: Palo Duro Canyon

Hi everybuddy! So, if you follow my Facebark page, you know that we just got to go on another  Most Funtastic Shall-Ay Adventure!

This time, we were heading out to meet my Auntie K and Uncle C (and a couple of their furends) in a place called Palo Duro Canyon in a state named Texas.

On Thursday night, mom and dad got everything loaded and away we went with me navigating!

Always keep your eyes on the road!

Always keep your eyes on the road!


Now, we didn’t go all the way to Texas that first night. We stopped in another state called New Mexico. Now, I like New Mexico a lot cuz that’s where Auntie K and Uncle C used to live. So the next morning, when mom and dad said that we had to get going, I tried my best to convince them that we should just stay in New Mexico.

It's so comfy here in New Mexico!

It’s so comfy here in New Mexico!

So while I worked my whiles on dad…

Wouldn't you just rather hang out in New Mexico skritching me than get in the car and drive again?

Wouldn’t you just rather hang out in New Mexico skritching me than get in the car and drive again?

Mom went to use the little girl’s room. And that’s when she saw THIS…

Mom thought there was a woeful lack of specific information on this sign.

Mom thought there was a woeful lack of specific information on this sign.

By the time she got back, nothing I could say or do would make her stay in New Mexico! But I at least was able to talk them into taking us for a little hike first…

Did you hear that, Mom? I think it's a RATTLER!

Did you hear that, Mom? I think it’s a RATTLER!

Where I found the Most AWESOMEST bone ever! But wouldn’t you know it? Mom wouldn’t let me keep it.

mayzie skull

Mom and Dad promised that the trip would be worth it and there would be lots of scenery to see and places to sniff. And boy, were they right! THIS is the first thing we saw when we got there!

The second biggest canyon in the You Ess!

The second biggest canyon in the You Ess!

After we gots the Shall-Ay all situated in the campground…


We spent the next couple of days hanging out with the humans…


Uncle C and Auntie K


mna canyon

Mom and Dad

And hiking and exploring and seeing the sights…



ranger overlook


This was called a "Cowboy Dugout." It had GREAT shade!

This was called a “Cowboy Dugout.” It had GREAT shade!






ranger pose


mayzie pose

Before we knew it, our Super Funballs Shall-Ay Adventure was over and it was time to go home. I wonder where our Shall-Ay will take us next?

Shall-ay Adventures: John Martin State Park

You wanna know a secret? Once upon a time, when I first got adopted, I didn’t like to go camping. Can you believes it?  It’s true! My very first camping trip was, well, kinda awful. I hadn’t been in my family very long and I just didn’t understand the big wide world. I thought it was skeery and everything in it might gobble me up. Brudder Ranger did his best to try to tell me camping was fun but I didn’t believes him.

My very first camping trip. Not fun at ALL.

My very first camping trip. Not fun at ALL.

Gosh, when I look back, I can hardly believes that was me cuz I LOOOOVES to go camping now! It’s the BEST!

Take last weekend, for example. We hooked up the Shall-ay and drove to the east…away from the mountains…to a place called John Martin State Park. It’s out near a town called Lamar, which is close to where I grew up and where my Angel Donna runs Second Chance Animal Rescue.

We got there kinda late but the next morning, we woke up and were all ready to have adventures! Well, after we had our breakfast, of course!


See how Most Patiently we’re waiting?

John Martin State Park was named after this congress-guy named…uh…John Martin. He helped get a dam built so that the Arkansas River Valley wouldn’t flood. And they also built this big pond called a “rez-er-vwar.” The rez-er-vwar is the largest body of water in Southeastern Collie-rado and so lotsa peoples come here to fish and boat and swim. BUTT…we were lucky cuz last weekend, it was only us and two other campers. Which means we had almost the whole place to ourselves to run and sniff!



Step lively, Mother! Can't have any of the troops falling behind!

Step lively, Mother! Can’t have any of the troops falling behind!

There were about 87 million geese there which means there were abouts 87 million tons of goose poop but we didn’t roll in any even once cuz mom told us not to we didn’t want to gets wet.

Ahhh...we luvs the smell of goose poop in the morning!

Ahhh…we luvs the smell of goose poop in the morning!

After we got back from our Most Wonderful hike, we just hung out and soaked up the sun…

It's okay, Brudder Ranger. You can have the bed. I'll just lay here in the dirt. I don't mind.

It’s okay, Brudder Ranger. You can have the bed. I’ll just lay here in the dirt. I don’t mind.

and I spent some quality time deathing a stick…


Finally, the sun decided it was time for bed but it gave us a Most Magnificent show before it covered up its head:



I guess mom musta missed the sun a lot cuz the next morning, she got up early to be there when it got back. She said it gave another great show and I guess from these pictures, it did…




But between you and me, I was more than happy to stay in bed.

Um, that's okay, mom. You go on without me.

Um, that’s okay, mom. You go on without me.

When I finally got up, I spent some time guarding the Shall-ay from geese (after we had breakfast, of course).


What’s that? You want to know where Brudder Ranger was?


And then we went for another hike on a path called the Red Shin Trail. It was named for a Cheyenne warrior who lived around there way back in the 1800s.


It was oodles of fun and after we got done, I had my paws crossed that we were going to get to go on another hike later on. But mom and dad said it was time for us to pack up and go home cuz the kittehs were prolly missing us. I guess she was right but I sure wouldn’t have minded staying there for just a teensy bit longer. Oh, well. I know we’ll be back to sniff some more goose poop soon!


Camping is pawsome!

Another Super Funballs Shall-ay Adventure!

Remember how on Wednesday, we asked you to guess where I was?

Well, we were on a Most Exciting camping trip to a place called Mueller State Park!

It was pawesome cuz the weather was awfully nice, the scenery was GAWJUSS and we had almost the whole campground to ourselves.

When we first got there, I stood guard to make sure no rogue rabbits tried to break into the Shall-ay. (Can’t be too careful, you know.)

After awhile, me and Brudder Ranger decided the coast was clear so we set about relaxing.

And we made sure that Dad relaxed, too.

I think you got the hang of it, dad!

The next morning, we got up and while we were eating breakfast, these little birds called Gray Jays or “Robber Jays” decided to make furends with us. Now, mom and dad are pretty strict about not feeding the wildlife but since Robber Jays have been making their living off of humans for hundreds of years, they made an exception and shared some of our muffins with them.


After breakfast, we said good-bye to our new furends and went on a hike at this place called Tarryall Reservoir (which is really where that first picture was taken). It sure is pretty, huh?

Of COURSE, mom made us stop and pose. Sigh.

We promised Mom and Dad that if they let go of the walking strings, we would make sure they didn’t get lost. So they said okay and that’s when things got REALLY fun!

Of course, Brudder Ranger is always making sure that we have just the right amount of fun. We’re lucky to haves him around.

Let’s see a little more spring in that step, Mayzie! Hup two three four!

Finally, it was time to go back to camp and when we got there, LOOK who was waiting for us!

Now, we tried real hard to convince mom and dad that we would be MORE than happy to get one of those big, fat turkeys for dinner but they said they had already brought stuff to eat and THEN they said we looked tired and prolly needed a nap and they shut us up in the Shall-ay! Now, I was Most Concerned that those turkeys were going to all of a sudden go vicious and try to EAT them but I shouldn’t have worried cuz this little fox showed up to keep an eye on mom and dad AND the turkeys for us. Wasn’t that nice?

Yep…all in all, it was another super funballs time in the Shall-ay! I don’t know about everybuddy else in my family but I can’t wait til the next time!


A long time ago, we went camping

Happy Tuesday, everybuddy!

You wanna know a secret? One of the reasons we haven’t been posting as often lately isn’t cuz we don’t have anything to say. It’s cuz Mom feels bad if we post and you take the time to comment on our bloggie but we aren’t able to comment on yours. It just seems kinda rude somehow, ya know? But then we read MangoMomma’s super duper great postie on blogging last week and Mom realized something: the whole reason we started blogging was to keep track of stuff going on in our lives…to preserves the memories…kinda like a diary. So we’re gonna try to post more often and we hope you know that you sure don’t have to leave a comment if you’re too busy or whatever. Okay?

Anyways, waaaay back when…gosh, I think it was back like 20 million years ago…or March…we got the Shall-Ay ready and off we went on another camping adventure!

We stayed at this place called the South Meadows Campground in the Pike National Forest.

Oh, before I forget, Brudder Ranger says we should give you a little bit of history (if you like that kinda thing). The Pike National Forest (and my mountain – Pikes Peak) are named after this guy with funny clothes named Zebulon Pike.

He was an Army captain and in 1806, he was sent off to explore the southwestern part of the Lou-Wheezie-Anna Purchase and to find the headwaters of the Arkansas and Red rivers. So they were just toodling along and wham! All of a sudden there was this big ol’ mountain in their way. Well, they thought, “Hey! Lookit that! Let’s climb it!” Now, the mountain is super tall – 14,115 feet – and they obviously had on some fancy, non-mountain-climbing clothes. So they didn’t get very far before they had to give up. Then later in the trip, he got turned around and wandered into New Mexico and got captured by the Spanish. But for some reason, the mountain and a whole forest got named after him anyway. Go figure.

Anyways, peoples really only camp about 3 months outta the year here in Collie-rado. Which is KER-azy cuz we really do have super great weather for lots of the other 9 months. But it works out good for us cuz there was hardly anybuddy else there.

That meant we got to spread out and R-E-L-A-X!

Ahhh…this is the life!

Later on, we relaxed some more while Dad made us some bratwursts. (Which should really be called “bratbests,” if you asks me.)

After dinner, we all went for a little stroll on a walking/biking path that was near to the campground.

When we got back, it was getting a little chilly so Mom and Dad built a fire while I snuggled down in some blankies.

The next morning, we all slept in…

And then went hiking at this pretty place up the road called Mueller State Park.

Brudder Ranger and I played “Kingof the Rock!” (I’m pretty sure I won. But don’t tell Brudder Ranger.)

And then before you knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.

I sure can’t wait to go camping again. It is a Most Happy-making Adventure!

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