Wordless Wednesday

mayzie snow


ranger snow

Whatcha doin’?

Hi furends! Oh my dog, it sure has been a long time. I’ve missed you all oodles and gobs!

Firstly, I want you to know that all of us here in my house are doing real good.

Brudder Ranger turned 12 years old in December but he wants me to remind everybuddy that he’s still all kinds of vicious and intimidating.


Queen Abby is still ruling her kingdom with a velvet paw.


Smudge has been helping mom keep track of when it’s time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


And me, well, I’ve been walking…


And smiling…


And cuddling…


And snuggling…


Yep, it’s a pretty good life here in Collie-rado. How are things going with YOU? I wanna hear! Tell me whatcha been doin’!

Wordless Wednesday


Self Pawtrait in Brindle

Hey everybuddy! Guess what? I just took my very first selfie. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

selfie mayzie

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