Wordless Wednesday

mayzie with toys

It’s Green Beer Day!

mayzie st patrick

Shall-Ay Adventure: Lathrop State Park

Guess what? We got to go on ANOTHER Shall-Ay Adventure this weekend! We went to Lathrop State Park, which was Collie-rado’s very FIRST state park ever. Neat, huh?

We like to go camping at this time of year cuz nobuddy else is around. Can you believe we had the whole place to ourselves?

It was super duper MOST windy when we were there but the temperatures were pretty nice and it was sunny so we got to spend some time hiking around and sniffing the pretty scenery.

lathrop overlook

mayzie hike

ranger hike

dogs mitch hike

dogs overlook

Of course, no Shall-Ay Adventure is complete without a nap (or 12)…

dogs sleeping

ranger under blankiet

And mom sitting around the fire in one of her kerazy camping outfits…

mom pjs fire

And nommy food…

breakfast casserole

And a gawjuss Collie-rado sunset!

sunset mountains

sunset chalet

Does Dad know Mom or What?

Hi everybuddy! We hope you had a super happy Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to show you what my Dad got my Mom. As Mom says, some girls get surprised with diamonds. Some girls get surprised with doggie and kitteh decals for their ‘puters. Mom says there’s a good reason they’ve been happily married for a gajillion 21 years.

These are for Mom’s work ‘puter. Cute, huh?

computer decal french bulldog cat

And this is for Mom’s everything-else ‘puter. It’s okay but between you and me, I’m not sure why there’s ONLY a kitteh on here. I’m never gonna hear the end of this from Smudge.

computer decal mayzie

See what I mean?

computer decal mayzie smudge

PeeS. Conbarkulations to our Collar Giveaway winner, Miss Angela! We sure hope your pooch enjoys their new bling!

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