Working Like a Dog

Momma usually works at her desk. But the other day, she decided that she’d work on the couch instead.

She said now she remembers why she works at her desk. I don’t know what she’s talking about. Do you?

mayzie lap couch

Who you callin’ old?

Do you ever have this happen? Where humans just show up at your door and bring you food? Sometimes it’s pizza. Other times, it’s Chinese. ALL the time, it’s DEE-licious!

Well, anyways, one of these nice peoples came to our house the other night and I went to the door with mom to help make him feel welcome. (Mom doesn’t let Ranger go to the door because, well, he’s kinda rude and keeps yelling, “GET OFF MY PORCH!” It’s kinda embarrassing. Especially since they’re being nice enough to bring you food.)

So I walked real soft and slow-like onto the porch to say hi and thank you. Mom says to the guy, “Don’t worry. She’s sweet.” And then the guy says…ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?…”Yeah, and she’s probably TOO OLD to do anything anyway.”

Um, ‘scuse me???

Now, I’m only abouts 7 years old and mom and dad say I still act like a puppy. Sure, in the last year, I’ve gotten some sparkle on my snooter but I just think that makes me look elegant and sophisticated, don’t you?

mayzie close up

Oh, well…I can take it. I’m just glad the guy didn’t say MOM was too old to do anything. Whoo boy!


Friday Frog Day

Okay, I gots a question for you. Do you like tee vee? Not me! I just don’t understand what humans find so super duper fascinating abouts that little rectangle box. Usually, this is what I look like when the tee vee is on…

mayzie asleep

WELL, that all changed a coupla nights ago when mom and dad decided to watch THIS:

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

As soon as Cane Toads: The Conquest started and those little froggie-toads starting hopping around, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. From what I could tell, it’s about these hoppers called Cane Toads who got brought against their will to work on sugar cane farms in Australia. But the toads were all, “NO! We won’t work on your stoopid farms, puny humans! We’d rather take over your country!!” And so they started making gobs of little baby soldier toads and now they pretty much own a humongous part of the whole continent!

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Now, they might look all cute and cuddly but they’re NOT. Seems that if you’re a doggie and you put the bitey on ‘em, they will KILL YOU like some crazy amphibious ninja! But on the other paw, if you’re nice to them and just lick ‘em sweetly, they make you feel all kinds of good. Kinda like a kitty on catnip.

This movie is about 87 minutes long but I watched the WHOLE thing and then when it was over, I kept asking mom to please play it again. But she said that it was bedtime and maybe this weekend. I sure hope so cuz there’s never been a better movie EVER and I believe that it’ll probably win a Pawcademy Award!

Anyway, here’s my movie review. As you can see, I was ribbeted! (Get it? Ribbeted? Haha!)

If you can’t see the review, click here.

And PeeS. Sorry that the lighting’s not very good in my review. My mom will NOT win any Pawcademy Awards for Cinnamon Togs Gruffy, that’s for sure!

Fine Dining from Nutrish and Rachael Ray

I was compensated by Nutrish for this post. However, all thoughts, opinions and anecdotes are mine.

Hey everyone! Smudge here! Remember how I told you that Miss Rachael Ray picked ME, Smudge, to be one of her DiploCats?

smudge the diplocat

Well, one day as I was fluffing up my DiploCat hat, the doorbell rings and there’s this big box addressed to “DiploCat Smudge.” I couldn’t wait to open it but unfortunately, without opposable thumbs, I HAD to. Sigh.

Anyway, when Mom FINALLY opened it for me, LOOK what was inside!

Nutrish for Cats

There was Nutrish for Cats dry and wet food, a bag of catnip, a human recipe for Mom and a gift card to buy the stuff in the recipe! And there was also a nice letter saying that the Nutrish peoples wanted both the cats AND the humans to have dinner on them!

So mom went out right away and bought the stuff for the nommalicious recipe. But, um, between you and me, Mom is no Rachael Ray in the cooking department. Here’s the recipe, along with a Most Gawjuss picture of how it’s s’posed to look…

rachael ray salmon recipe

And, um, here’s what Mom’s looked like…

Rachael Ray Recipe

But that’s okay, cuz Mom and Dad both said it was YUMM-OH!

Then it was time for us kittehs to try out OUR foodables. First, there was the Salmon and Brown Rice dry food. Now, Queen Abby and I only eat wet food but mom thought we might like it as treats. And boy, DO WE EVER! We line up as soon as we hear mom opening the jar where the Pellets of Deliciousness live.

cats nutrish dry

(Sorry for the blurry picture. Mom says it’s hard to hold the food in one hand, the camera in the other, and snap the photo while we’re both looking up at the same time. Whatevs. I mean, she has opposable thumbs. What is SHE complaining about?)

Then it was time to try the wet cat food. As you can see, this one is the Paw Lickin’ Chicken & Liver Recipe.

nutrish wet cat food


Mom wasn’t sure we’d eat it cuz we generally prefer the pate style of food and this one is all chunky with REAL chicken and stuff. But as soon as she put it down, Queen Abby and I licked our plates CLEAN!

smudge nutrish wet cat food

Nutrish for Cats isn’t only DEElicious, it’s healthy for us kittehs, too. They have REAL meat in them and there’s no by-products, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives! The dry food doesn’t have corn, wheat or soy in it, and the wet food doesn’t have any kind of grains. Both are just 100% tasty wholesome awesomeness!

Now that I have your tastebuds watering, if you are a kitteh OR a doggie and want to try Nutrish food or treats for your own self, just click on this linkie (or the picture below) to get some coupons and save your humans some green papers. You’ll be super happy you did!


DiploCat Smudge…over and out!

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