Mancat Monday: Trading Places


Where in the world is Mayzie?

Okay, so maybe you been wondering to yourself, “WHERE is that Mayzie? And Brudder Ranger? And Smudge? And Abby?”

Or, well, maybe you haven’t.

But either way, it’s been about 87 thousand years since I got mom to sit her tushie down and take my dictations. She’s all, “Oh, Mayzie, I’m sorry. I’ve just had a bad case of the busy brain. My clients this and my clients that.” Blah blah blah. It’s Most Obvious to me that the woman needs to get her priorities all straightened up.

ANYways…in case you WERE wondering, here’s a quick catch up on what’s been going on with us…

We went on another Shall-Ay Adventure…

shallay pearl lake

mayzie dad

shallay hike

And we’ve also been on walkies closer to home…

dogs walk

Mom went on a busy-ness trip to some place called Ball-in-the-Moor, Merryland…


And when she got back, we celebrated her birthday…


We’ve guarded the house…

cat and dog

And taken it easy…

ranger smudge

I’ve rolled in the grass…

mayzie roll

And snuggled with mom…

mayzie snuggle

So, as you can see, it’s been a pretty good summer so far. But I sure do miss you all. I made mom PROMISE that we’d be around the bloggie more often and come visit our friends more often, too. We’ll see how well THAT works out.

Wiggles & Wags & Brindle Smoochies to you all!

Happy Hug a Kitteh Day

Oh, no! We almost missed it! Did you know that today is…

Hug Your Cat Day 6.4.2014 (1)

Who woulda ever thought there would be such a thing?

Now Brudder Ranger and I aren’t dumb enough to try to hug OUR kittehs. But it looks like mom is…



That is one brave woman!

As for us, well, we’re sending VIRTUAL hugs to all our kitteh furends. And we hope you don’t have to put up with TOO much from your hoomans today.

ManCat Monday

Just chillin’ with my bro, yo.

ranger and smudge

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