I am Most Brave!

So the other day, me and mom and Brudder Ranger set out for our daily walkie. When all of a sudden, I saw something Most Alarming and Suspicious!

I had never seen anything like it before EVER and I thought it would be a good idea to just go the other direction. But mom promised me that it would be okay so I said I would give it a shot. I knew mom wouldn’t lead me into something that would hurt me AND I also knew that if I really, really wanted to turn around, she’d let me.

So I gathered up all my Brindle Braves and walked right into the face of danger! And this is what happened…

Click here to watch the movie on YouTube.

Now there was a time when I woulda shivered and shook and tucked my tail and run away. But no more! Am I the Most Brave Brindle Girl you have ever seen in your entire life…ever?! Yep. I sure am.

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Wordless Wednesday

mayzie ranger door

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Office Work

The other day Mom decided to clean out some files in her office. So she got out everything she didn’t want anymore and put it in a pile on the floor.

She said she was gonna recycle the papers. But this got me Most Concerned cuz I’ve heard of something called “identity theft” which just sounds awful. I mean I LIKE my mom’s identity!

So I figured I’d help her out…


Yep, nobuddy is gonna steal MY mom’s identity while I’M on the job!


I think I deserve a raise, don’t you?


Wordless Wednesday

smudge with purse

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