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ManCat Monday: A “Mite-y” Problem

Hi there! Smudge here to tell you about something that’s been bugging me…literally!

See, a few weeks ago, Mom noticed that my my face was looking red and kinda goopy.

Smudge nose 1

I didn’t notice it so much myself but of COURSE she packed me up and took me to see my nice vet dermatology lady.

Me and mom waiting for the vet.

Me and mom waiting for the vet.

I was all sorts of happy to see her UNTIL the vet lady took out something and started scraping at my face! The nerve! Can you imagine? Anyway, she put the stuff she scraped off my face onto a thing called a “slide” and then looked at it under another thing called a “microscope.” Well, it turns out I have these creepy crawly things called Demodex mites!


I was all set to blame it on the dogs but the vet lady said that ALL animals have these mites but our immune systems keep them under control. But if something suppresses your immune system, these bugs have a big, HUGE party and cause all kinds of problems.

My vet lady said that since it was only showing up in the place where my inhaler mask sits, that the steroid in the medicine that keeps my asthma under control is also suppressing my immune system just in that area.


Crazy, huh?

Anyway, I had to take these two medicines called an antiobiotic and Ivermectin for like 87 years (mom said it was only a month but it sure seemed longer than that). As you can see, I got better a little bit at a time.

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Until now finally, I’m almost totally back to my normal handsome self.

smudge better

Mom says if it’s not one thing, it’s another with me. I think she should be thankful that I’m around to make sure she always has something to do, don’t you?

Wordless Wednesday

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It’s Green Beer Day!

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