Causes I Care About

Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation of Collie-rado

logoIf you’ve read my rescue story, you know that I prolly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Second Chance and my Most Precious Angel Donna Fostermommy. Because of them, I found my Most Perfect Family That Ever Was and I’m a happy, healthy dog who writes a blog! Even though they’re a small nonprofit, every year Second Chance rescues and finds homes for over 400 dogs, cats, goats, horses and other furry four-leggers. In addition, they partner with other rescues and shelters to save even more animals from death row, run a successful spay/neuter program, and help educate humans about how to properly care for their pets.

It would make me wiggly all over if you would consider making a donation (any amount helps) to this Most Wonderful organization.

You can send a check to:

Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation
PO Box 44
Lamar, CO  81052


You can donate online by clicking here.

Animal Blood Donation

Did you know that my Brudder Smudge was a blood donor? That’s right…for abouts a year, he lived at a place called HemoSolutions and gave up some of his blood every 6 weeks to help other kittehs! And guess what? Doggies can do the same thing for other doggies…and you don’t even have to live at the blood bank to do it! Now there’s usually certain standards you have to meet like weight, age, health, etc. (which is why me and Brudder Ranger can’t do it). But if you meet those, your blood could help save the lives of other doggies. And some places, like HemoSolutions, will even give your humans green papers to use toward your own V.E.T. bills. How cool is that?!

Here’s a super great article about animal blood donation. And to see if there’s a blood bank near you, your mom or dad can talk to your V.E.T. or they can just Google “animal blood bank” and your city or state.

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