Too Exciting Tuesday

Hi everybuddy! Boy, do I have some DEE-licious news for you today!

mayzie tongue

Remember how back in May, the nice peoples at Rachael Ray Nutrish sent my mom to BlogPaws?


Well, guess what? Mom must’ve been on her best behavior cuz they decided to send her to BarkWorld, too! She leaves on one of those big airplane things this Thursday to hang out with other pet bloggers and learn oodles of stuff.

Now that’s pretty exciting all by itself and we’re super duper thankful to them for helping mom go. But that’s not even the MOST EXCITING part!

The most exciting part is that Nutrish asked me to be one of their Ambassadogs!

Can you believes it? ME? Little ol’ brindle me…an AMBASSADOG!?

Mayzie sash

Now after I spun around a few times with happiness, mom said we should sit down and think about this. It’s super impawtant to BOTH of us that we work with companies that we can believes in. And you know what? We believes in Nutrish. Not only do they make yummy, good-for-you foodables that don’t cost a paw and a leg, they have a program called Rachael’s Rescue where they donate some of their green papers to help other doggies find their Most Perfect Homes That Ever Were.

PLUS, Miss Rachael has a Most Adorable pit bull named Isaboo and she cares about showing other humans what good doggies us pit bull-types are. And that’s something that’s real near and dear to our hearts, as you know.

So I guess you can probably tell why we’re awful proud to be able to partner up with this Most Fabulous company!

Mayzie bags

And you know what the BEST part is about me being an Ambassadog? I get to share all sorts of great stuff with YOU! Like, for instance, if you go and click on this linkie, your human will get some coupons to save some green papers on Nutrish food for you! How cool is THAT?

So thank you, thank you to the peoples at Rachael Ray Nutrish for asking me to be an Ambassadog AND for sending mom to BarkWorld. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go polish my tiara.


P.S. Brudder Ranger says REAL Ambassadors don’t wear tiaras. Pfsh! What does HE know?

P.P.S. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors!


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