Who am I?

Haha! Isn’t that the Most Silly question you ever heard? That’s easy! I’m me. I’m MAYZIE!

But I have learned something Most Interesting about humans. It seems oh-so-very important to them that they know who I am. Or, really, WHAT I am.

When mom and me are out and about, it always happens. Somebodys always stops us and asks…

What kind of dog is that?

Well, the problem is that I don’t remember my birth mother and father. So my gene-ology is Most Mysterious. And mom and dad and me and Brudder Ranger are all just fine with that. So lots of times, mom will just smile real sweetly and say to the very curious person…

Mayzie is one-of-a-kind!

Now, I think that is Most Clever. And very true. But humans are funny creatures and most of the times, this doesn’t seem to make ’em happy. So they start the “What is Mayzie” guessing game. Here’s some of the guesses we hear most oftenest:

A Boxer dog like my friend Mr. Chef. (This is what my Angel Donna Fostermommy had me listed as on that Petfinder webbit thingie.) The funniest thing is lots of times people think I’m a baby boxer, instead of a full-grown dog!

A Pit Bull like my friends Miss Daisy and Sookie and the Houston Pittie Pack and Miss M and Mr. B.

A French Bulldog like my friends Brutus and Betty. (But I think that’s mainly cuz of my glorious ears.)

We’ve also heard Old English Bulldog, and Basenji, and Australian Cattle Dog, and Great Dane. (Although, I thinks I might be too much of a shorty to be a Great Dane.)

We get asked this funny question so many times that mom is thinkin’ about having a dee-enn-ay test done on me so she can just tells people what that test said, rather than have them play the guessing game. But I dunno. I kinda like being a dog of mystery!

So anyway, after hearing from all these peoples we don’t know, we thought that it would be kinda fun to hear what other doggie friends and doggie friends people  think that I might be. And kittehs can play along, too!

Oh! Here’s a couple things abouts me that might help. I weigh 38 pounds and I’m only about 17 inches tall at the shoulder. And here’s some pictures of my Most Exotic self from diff’rent angles. I can’t waits to hear what you have to say!

Hope everydoggie (and kitteh) has a Most Happy Monday! Wiggles & Wags!
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