Shall-Ay Adventure: Arkansas Headwaters

Hey guys!

Gosh, we really haven’t been around much, have we? Mom has had a bad case of the busy brain lately. Did you know that she just started writing for both AND She’s super excited and really wants to do a good job for them and she’s all, “Mayzie, we’ll do your bloggie soon, I promise! I just gotta do this ONE OTHER THING and then we’ll do it. Honest.” Between you and me, there were a whole lotta “one other things.” But anyways, I finally got her focused and here we are!

Which is good cuz I wanted to tell you abouts a coupla things.

First, thank you for all your nice thoughts about Brudder Ranger and his old battle injury flaring up. He’s still not at 100% but he’s Most Definitely getting better. Mom contacted this lady called an “acupuncturist” and she came out to the house and Brudder Ranger liked her a lot and it seemed to make him feel a bit better. However, he did NOT like that mom kept calling him a pinhead.


The woman is rarely as amusing as she thinks she is.

Which leads me to the second thing: Since he’s starting to feel better, mom and dad decided we could go on another Shall-Ay Adventure. This time we went to a campground called Five Points in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

chalet flowers

And guess what? We had the WHOLE campground to ourselves. It was great!

chalet view

See that super steeeep canyon wall in the picture up there? Well, every day, we saw these things called Bighorn Sheep walking around and eating like they were standing on flat ground. I wonder if they had glue or something on their feets to keep them from falling off?

On the edge of the campground, there was a little path that took you over to the Arkansas River. Most luckily, Brudder Ranger was feeling good enough that we were able to do some walking along the trail.

mitch dogs trail

river cliff

dogs river

ranger river

mayzie river

I don't care how much cheese you gives me, Brudder Ranger. I ain't goin' in!

I don’t care how much cheese you gives me, Brudder Ranger. I ain’t goin’ in!

The Arkansas River is super popular with people who like to ride down it in boats. My mom and dad did it once and, if you can believe it, my mom fell OUT of the boat and had to be rescued. She’s special like that.


After our little walk, we drove around for a little bit and looked at pretty scenery like this.

Do you just luvs that heart-shaped cloud or what?

Do you just luvs that heart-shaped cloud or what?

Then we got back and watched the sun set in the canyon and thought about how super good this life is!

chalet view 2


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