Thank You

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We just don’t have the right words to tell you how Most Appreciative we are for all the kind words and green papers you sent our way yesterday.

Mom says that even though we’ve been a part of Blogville for four years and she sees it over and over again, she’s always amazed and humbled by how good-hearted and generous-like the residents of our community are.

My Auntie Candice is now only abouts 300 green papers from her goal. Yesterday morning when we posted, she was about 800 away. Holy Whack-a-Moly! She says she can’t thank you all enough and neither can we. We are so proud and grateful to have you all as our furends.

From me to you…BIG BRINDLE SMOOCHIES and TUSHIE PATS all around!

A Personal Note from MayzieMom

Hi…MayzieMom (Amber) here. As you know, we try to keep things light and happy here because, well, Mayzie is light and happy. We want this to be a place to come to forget the rest of the world and smile even for a minute. I also rarely get personal on the blog because A) the blog isn’t about me and B) I’m by nature an extremely private person.

However, I’m going to share something intensely personal today. I don’t write this to ask for your pity or to feel sorry for me or my family. We’ve had plenty of that. However, this subject is important to me and so I’m stepping (waaaaay) outside my comfort zone to share with you.

Almost three years ago, I lost my sweet daddy suddenly and shockingly. Within a year while I was still reeling from the loss of my father, my mother was diagnosed with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease.

She was 66 at the time.

My mother today is no longer the mother I knew. The mother I knew loved planting flowers, and rescuing and restoring discarded furniture. She collected original artwork from local artists, not because she thought they were worth something but because they touched her. She adored dogs and impressed upon us that they were members of the family. She held a degree in theater, and taught middle school English for almost 30 years. She introduced “Romeo and Juliet” to thousands of students, and while she literally knew every line, she never grew tired of Shakespeare’s prose. She was wickedly funny, infuriatingly stubborn, sometimes difficult and always passionate.

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Today my mother is 68 and in a memory care facility. A year ago, we thought we were going to lose her to pneumonia and even admitted her to hospice. But she’s a fighter and surprised everyone by rallying. She’s now entering the end stages of the disease and has trouble communicating, eating and walking.

I thought losing my dad was the most difficult thing I would ever endure. But watching what’s happening to my mother is a whole different kind of hell.

And so we come to the reason I write today. My youngest sister Candice is running in the Chicago Marathon on October 12, 2014. She has entered as a charity runner and is raising money for Alzheimer’s research. Her goal is $1,500.

My mother and sister

My mother and sister

I’m not used to being on the asking end of things but today I’m asking you to consider supporting my sister in this. A new study suggests that Alzheimer’s may be the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. We know nothing can bring our mother back. But maybe, with the proper research, we will eventually be able to save millions of other mothers…and sisters and brothers and cousins and nephews…from the same horrific fate.

No amount is too small and all donations are tax-deductible. If you are interested in joining our fight and helping my sister achieve her goal, please click on her personal fundraising page.

Thank you so much! Your support (whether it’s financial or emotional) means the world to me and my family.

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