Hard Workin’ Dog

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to help out around the house. Mom and Dad really appreciate my assistance and I’m not too sure how they ever got stuff done without me.

Things I’m real good at:

1. Unpacking boxes that the mailman brings to our house. My mom got something she calls a Macbook and she was really happy about it. So I helped her get it out of the box and sniffed it over real good to make sure it was safe for her to turn on. It was.

2. Helping mom and dad make their breakfast, lunch and dinner. I watch ’em real careful in case anything falls on the floor. If it DOES fall on the floor, I make sure to eat it real fast before they trip on it or something.

3. Cleaning the dishes after they’ve eaten their breakfast, lunch or dinner. When they’re done, they put the plate down and Ranger and me do what Dad calls the “prerinse.” And I don’t like to brag but by the time we’re done, it looks just as clean as before they put food on it! (Mom says some people might think that’s gross but we’re just doin’ our part for the environment by saving water.)

4. As you prolly saw from one of my other posts, I am real good at ripping the guts out of stuffies. Now, I really don’t do it all just for me (although it might look like it). Part of why I do it is that picking up the guts gives Mom something to do. Don’t want her to get bored or feel useless or anything.

5. I help keep an eye on the kittehs. I mean, you really can’t just leave them to wander all over the house without knowing what they’re doing. They might get into trouble and if I didn’t keep an eye on them, I couldn’t help them if they needed it.

6. I make sure that nobody ever, ever, ever sneaks up on our house. I keep a good watch on the outside. You gotta. That person may look like they’re putting out their trash, but they could really be up to no good. So I make sure I let Mom and Dad know about it. (Okay, Brudder Ranger helps with this, too.)

7. If people DO decide to come to our house anyway, I make sure that they feel welcome. I tell them that I didn’t mean anything by my barking and to please come in and make themselves comfortable. I also let them give me a treat to make them feel important. Brudder Ranger keeps telling me that our job is to run them off and make sure they never come back. But I dunno, that seems kinda rude to me.

As you can see, my days are very full with all the stuff I have to do around our house. Speaking of which, I think I hear Dad in the kitchen. Whew! A dog’s work is never done!

The Terrier-ist Beside Me

There’s a cute puppy that lives next door to us. She moved in a couple of months ago and we don’t know her name so we just call her “ND” (New Dog).

Well, I kind of like her. She’s very happy and bouncy. Mom says she’s a chocolate lab mix, which sounds a little dangerous to me since I heard chocolate is bad for dogs. So I keep my distance but if I’m in my backyard at the same time she’s in her backyard, I’ll try to say hi to her.

But I admit, she’s not much of a conversationalist. “Hi,” I’ll say.

“Oh HAI! HI! whatcha doin? whatcha doin’? I’z jest here in my yards jest runnin’ aroun’. I luvs to run. RUN RUN RUN! YEEHAW! WOOPIE!”

As I said, ND is VERY happy and VERY energetic. Which means, of course, that my Brudder Ranger just hates her. He’s a terrier and thinks that anything that is not a terrier is, well, doggie doo (and not the good kind that you roll in).

So if he sees her in the yard, he’ll run up to the fence, yelling the whole time.

“Kid! Hey kid! Get away  from my fence! You’re too close to my yard!”

“OH HAI! Whatcha doin’? Yer cute! I like you.”

“Cute? I’m not cute! I’m a TERRIER!”

“Noooooo….yer CUTE! I likes da spot on yer haid. Do you likes ta run? I likes ta run. And bounce. Watch! I kin bounce realz high!” <BOING!>

“STOP! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Stop with the bouncing!”

“Okayz…OH! whatz abouts ballz? You like ballzz? I let you play wif my tennis ball if you wants. Itz all round n’ yellowy.”

“What? NO! I don’t play with balls. What do you think I am, a retriever? Hey! Hey! Come back here. I’m not finished giving you a piece of my mind, you out-of-control whippersnapper!”


Now, I don’t think of myself as a tattle tail but all this makes me kind of nervous cuz I don’t like conflict at all. So (and don’t tell Ranger I told you) I usually go inside to let mom and dad what’s going on. And they come  tell him to leave ND alone.

Once we’re both back safely inside with Ranger settling on the couch looking really proud of himself, I’ll say, “Brudder Ranger, I think that ND’s nice. Why do you have to be so mean to her? ”

“Hmph,” he says, rolling his eyes, “You wouldn’t understand. It’s a terrier thing.”

Ranger practicing his terrier skills on a really big mouse!

I’m a dog with a blog!

Hi. I’m Mayzie. Well, you probably figured that out from the title of the blog, huh?

Okay, a little about me. I’m about 2 1/2 years old. I was rescued from a not-so-nice place by a wonderful lady-human, my Angel-Donna last January. In March of last year, I had to go to this thing called an adoption fair to try to find a new family. I wasn’t too sure about that, let me tell you! Up til then, I had stayed my whole life tied up with rope in a backyard in the country and the big city was REALLY scary. But in walked this nice looking lady-human and wouldn’t you know it? She sat down on the floor to pet one of the other dogs. Well, I can’t tell you why but I knew right away this was MY human and so I did something that to this day I can’t believe I did. I walked right over, plopped myself in her lap and told her as plainly as I could that she belonged to me and that she was to please take me home with her.

But can you believe it? She petted me, told me I was a good girl and then she left! I was very sad. Then 2 weeks later, I got the surprise of my life! The lady and a nice man came to visit me where I was staying and they brought their other dog, Ranger, to meet me. (Ranger is THE coolest dog that ever, ever lived. I love him.) And then a couple of weeks after that, they came and brought me home.

I was happy but it was kinda hard living in a house for the first time. There were these slidy floors made out of wood and these steep things called “stairs” and this big, evil bird-looking creature called a “ceiling fan.” This picture is me the first week I came home. See how mom had put down rugs because I was scared of the floors?

But mom and dad were really patient and I tried really hard not to be scared and now I don’t mind those things at all. (Okay, I’m still a little scared of the ceiling fan but I’m working on it.)

Well that’s probably all you need to know for now. It’s my bedtime so I’m gonna go. Bye!

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